Scheduling, Deposits, Payments & Overtime


Child care services may be scheduled online up to 9 months in advance or with as little as 18 hours’ notice, pending availability.


Parents can modify or cancel their reservations online up to 48 hours prior to the start time. Parents needing to cancel their child care arrangements within 48 hours must contact us via email. Please see our illness policy for illness exceptions.


Due to Covid-19 online self-service scheduling is no longer available. If you require child care in the evening, overnight, on a weekend, or a statutory holiday, please contact us and we will provide you with the contacts for a reference.


We require a deposit equal to the average cost of four (4) weeks of child care services for each child. This deposit must be paid no later than 28 days before care is to start, or at the acceptance of the child’s registration if the start date is less than 28 days away. 

This deposit will remain on the child’s account until a cancellation notice is provided by the parents. Deposits are refundable in cases where proper cancellation notice has been provided. This deposit is refunded by applying to your child's final invoices.


In situations where proper cancellation notice has not been provided the deposit will become non-refundable. Please see the cancellation policy for complete details.

Overtime Policy


Overtime rates will apply to any unscheduled time your child is in our care outside your reservation times. We cannot provide any grace period, and overtime rates will begin to accrue immediately at the scheduled pickup time or when the child is dropped off before the scheduled drop off time.

Our current overtime rate is $1.00 per minute. These fees will be added to your bi-weekly invoice.

Nonpayment of overtime fees can result in immediate termination of your child care services.

Payment for Services

Child care services are invoiced every two (2) weeks and invoices sent via email. Invoices that remain outstanding after 3 business day will accrue a $15 per day late payment penalty.

While we accept cash, email money transfer, Visa and MasterCard for payment of the bi-weekly invoices, we require a valid credit card on file to maintain child care services. There is a 3% fee if payment is done by credit card.

Please keep your invoice as this is the only receipt we will issue.