Child Care Rates

Quality child care is hard to find. Quality child care that meets your families unique needs even harder to find.


 "All childcare is expensive, so you may as well pay the price for the best quality and enjoy the peace of mind.  Your child is the one who is ultimately going to pay the price for poor-quality childcare."  Author unknown


At Shan'z Child Care you have complete control over how much your child care will cost. We are flexible to your needs and in return expect our needs will be respected.


We are not a standard day-home when it comes to rates. We do not believe in charging fees for times when you are not using the services, not for when we are closed for statutory holidays, vacations or other reasons.


We do not charge rates when you are not reserved. However, if you have made a reservation for care and do not show up, you will be charged for this time, as it could have been offered to another family.



We require a deposit equal to one month's fees for each child.


In most situations this deposit is refundable and will be applied to the final month's services. If the parent provides cancellation notice and no service is provided during the cancellation period, the deposit will be non refundable.


What Shan'z Child Care Fees Include


The fees you pay for child care guarantees the highest quality childcare, nutritious meals & snacks, and a safe, nurturing environment for your children. Regardless of when you drop your child off, we will ensure that they have a meal or snack with 3 hours.


Our Licensed day home is a blessing to your family in that your children will have more individual attention and opportunities for learning, and much less illness than at a public day care center.  There is also much less staff turnover, as your child will have one or two persons caring for him or her only.  This kind of relationship between children and their caregiver has been shown to be the healthiest situation possible for young children.

Like other self-employed workers, childcare providers have to cover the cost of their health/dental insurance, life insurance, retirement savings, and workers compensation, in addition to providing the caregiver with a living wage.


In order to accommodate most parents 40 hour work week, Our work week is a minimum of 50 hours to ensure children are engaged with activities, completing paperwork, shopping or cleaning etc.