First Aid & Emergencies
Illness Policy

Health & Safety Policies



Children that are unwell are asked to stay at home to protect the health of others.


We are not able to accept children who are exhibiting the following symptoms: fever, vomiting or diarrhea within the last 36 hours or flu like symptoms.


We can not accept under any circumstances any child currently experiencing the following conditions: chicken pox, measles, pink eye, and head lice.


If your child is unable to participate in our daily routine due to an onset of illness, you will be notified to pick up your child. In the meantime, the child will be monitored but will be seperated from the other children and staff.

Emergency Medical Treatment 

Parents must provide written permission for Shan'z Child care to seek emergency medical or dental treatement for their children.


Parents must also provide written permission for their children to be transported to the nearest emergency center for treatement if it is deemed necessary by first responders.


In the event that parents cannot be contacted, parents will further consent in writing to the medical and surgical treatment and procedures to be performed for their child by a licensed physician or hospital when deemed immediately necessary or advisable by
the physician to safeguard the child's health.


Shan'z Child Care will provide these consents to first responders should the child be transported away from our premises.

We are first aid and CPR certified. Should the need arise, we will provide minor first aid treatment to your child, and you will be notified when you arrive.


In the unlikely event that your child needs immediate medical attention, we will contact 911 first, provide emergency responders with your contact information, and attempt to reach you by phone, email or text message.


Parents will be responsible for any and all medical fees that may be incurred.

Medication Authorization




Shan’z Child Care’s policy is medication will only be administered if it has been prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner or is an over the counter medication provided by the parents, it is in its original container and we have a signed permission form with directions.


All medications will be stored in a locked cabinet.



Immunization Policy 


Shan’z Child Care may accept children into care who have not had the government recommended vaccines.


Parents are cautioned that their child may be exposed to communicable illnesses that could be prevented with vaccines.

Parents are responsible for informing Shan’z Child Care of any updates to the children’s vaccination records.


Sunscreen - Insect Repellant 

Shan’z Child Care follows safe sun practices.


Parents must apply sunscreen to their child before their child arrives each day.

Parents must give permission for Shan’z Child Care to apply the parent provided sunscreen on an as needed basis for the remainder of the day.


Parents must permission for Shan’z Child Care to apply the parent provided insect repellant on an as needed basis during a care visit.