Parent Supplied Products

Parents need to supply the following items for each visit, if you prefer you may supply in the items advance and we will let you know when they need replenishing:

Toileting Supplies - Infants
- Diapers (recommended 1 per each hour of care)
- Wipes
- Diaper Rash Cream, if necessary
- Full sets of seasonally appropriate clothing (recommended 1 per each 3 hours)

Toileting Supplies - Potty Training Children
- Pull-up type training pants OR
- Underpants (recommended 1 per each 2 hours of care)
- Full sets of seasonally appropriate clothing (recommended 1 per each 4 hours)

Toileting Supplies -Toilet Trained Children
- Underpants (recommended 2 pairs per visit)
- Full set of seasonally appropriate clothing (recommended 1 pair per visit)


Feeding Supplies - Infants
- Premade bottles (recommended 1 per each 2 hours of care)
- Waterproof bib
- Pre-measured homemade or commercial baby food

Feeding Supplies - Toddlers
- No spill cup
- Meal & Snack Items for children with severe food allergies or sensitivities

Other Items
- Special napping toy or blanket
- Sunscreen and inspect 

Please ensure that all items brought to Shan’z Child Care are clearly labelled with the child’s name. We are not responsible for items that get lost or broken or otherwise damaged.

Parents who do not supply the appropriate items for their child’s visit will be charged a fee for each item supplied by Shan’z Child Care. However, due to allergies we will not supply sunscreen or insect repellent.