Other Important Policies

Surveillance Policy

To ensure the safety and security of all children, staffs, parents, and visitors, as well as the security of our day home facility, Shan’z Child Care is equipped with a 24-hour video surveillance system and security cameras are installed in all children’s indoor play areas, the outdoor play area, and the front door.


We may conduct video surveillance of any portion of the premises at any time, the only exception being restrooms.

Because we respect the privacy of all children, parents, and staff in our day home, our 24-hour video surveillance system is for internal purposes only. ONLY the owners are allowed to view the video footage, however at the request of law enforcement we will provide the relevant footage to assist a police inquiry.

Bus Services

Parents are required to authorize Shan'z Child Care in writing regarding the pick up or drop off of their children at a school bus stop location.


We must have the exact stop location, the pickup & drop off time, the name of the school and a transportation contact name & phone number, as well as any details about special circumstances, such as what to do if the bus doesn't show up.

Television Policy

We limit the amount time children spend watching television. The programs that children are permitted to watch will involve other children or have a specific education value.

All programs are pre-screened and are selected to enhance the children’s expressed interests.

If the child is not interested in a television program, there will be alternative activities available such as books, puzzles and coloring to engage in.

Toilet Learning

We will assist in toilet training your child with the understanding that it will be successful only if we work together.


We will use underwear or pull-up training pants that are supplied by the parent.


During this training period, please dress children in easy on / easy off clothing until they can completely dress and
undress themselves. One piece outfits and clothing with buttons and zippers are not recommended during this stage.

We do not launder soiled items, they will be sent home in a plastic bag.

Dress Code

Send your child dressed appropriately for the weather. Weather permitting; we will spend time each day outside.

Do not send your child in clothing you don’t want stained, activities can be messy. In addition it is recommended that at least one complete change of clothing is provided in case of an accident.

If required; Shan’z Child Care will supply a clean unused change of clothing and a fee of $30 will be added to the next invoice for services.

Nonpayment of these fees can result in the immediate termination of your child care services.

Toys From Home

Please do not send any toys from home with your child. If your child needs a special item for sleeping, it will be allowed, but put away until nap time.

Shan’z Child Care assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen or broken toys brought from home.


Field Trips

Parent must provide a general consent for their children to
leave the Shan’z Child Care premises on occassion for walks around the area and to playgrounds in the area

If required, children traveling by car will be required to use child restraint systems in accordance with the Highway Traffic Act.

Water Play Policy

Parents must provide written consent for their children to participate in water play activities such as with a sprinkler and/ or other age appropriate activities.