Sample Meal Plan


We understand that knowing what your children are being feed is important to you. That's why we have included here a sample of the meals that could be served. In order to serve healthy & nutritious meals everyday, we create our meal plans in advance.


All snacks will consist of food servings from at least 2 food groups and all meals will consist of food servings from each food group.


While we can and do accomodate mild allgergies, we cannot accomodate a picky eater, unless simple snacks and meals are provided by the parents.  We encourage children to try new foods, but we will never force them to eat.


There will always be choices within a meal, so children can eat what they like and leave what they don't. We will advise you at pickup if we have noticed your child has not eaten or eaten very little.


While we do not serve nut-products to the children, we are not a nut-free premises.

  • Various Cereals with milk

  • Mini Pancakes & syrup

  • Toasted bread

  • Jamaica Style Oats porridge

  • Warm Oatmeal

  • Strawberry jam Sandwiches 

  • Hash Browns

  • Waffles

  • Yogurt


All breakfast meals are served with a seasonal fruits and milk or water.

  • fruit salad

  • banana bread

  • vegetable crackers

  • pretzels

  • cheese & crackers

  • granola bar

  • muffin


All snacks are served with fruits and water.

Special Items
  • Spaghetti & chicken

  • Chicken with Vegetable pasta

  • Make your own pizza

  • Chicken Vegetable Soup

  • Macaroni & Cheese

  • Hot Dogs

  • Pasta & Tomato Sauce


All meals and snacks are served with fruits.

All lunches are served with vegetables

From time to time, as part of our routine we may cook or bake special items for the children, such as

  • Popcorn

  • Make our own cupcakes

  • Frozen Popsicle

  • Fruit Smoothies

  • Cookies

  • Ice cream or Frozen yogurt




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