Communication Policies


Sign In & out Policy 

Parents are responsible for ensuring that all persons authorized to pick up their children have a valid ID to show to the staff at pick-up.

Due to Covid-19 dropping off or picking up a child(ren) from care will not require sign in with their personalized pin on the I-pad. Staff will log in and out all children and make notes of early or late pickups.

Pick Up Policy 

Only people who have been previously authorized to do so, will be allowed to pick up children from the day home.

If your child is not picked up at the agreed upon time, the authorized alternate will be called. If you or an authorized alternate cannot be contacted and hours has passed, we will consider the children
abandoned and call the police and child services.



Photograph Policy

We will ask for your written permission to photograph your children while they are in our care.


This written permission will grant us the right to use any photograph in our marketing materials including the website and printed materials, as we deem appropriate.


Your written permission gives us full copyright authority and you may request at any time that we do not photograph your child.

Surveillance Policy

To ensure the safety and security of all children, staffs, parents, and visitors, as well as the security of our day home facility, Shan’z Child Care is equipped with a 24-hour video surveillance system and security cameras are installed in all children’s indoor play areas, the outdoor play area, and the front door.


We may conduct video surveillance of any portion of the premises at any time, the only exception being restrooms.

Because we respect the privacy of all children, parents, and staff in our day home, our 24-hour video surveillance system is for internal purposes only. ONLY the owners are allowed to view the video footage, however at the request of law enforcement we will provide the relevant footage to assist a police inquiry.

Communication Policy

While we value any and all information about your child that will help us provide a comfortable and nurturing environment for them, there is an appropriate time for such information.

We encourage all parents to spend a few minutes at drop off communicating any relevant information to the staff, if necessary.
Please do not call during the day unless you have a specific concern or information which we need for that day. Non-essential calls interrupt our day and may wake a sleeping child.

Please email us anytime about your child. Emails are monitored throughout the day.


Confidentiality Policy

It is the policy of Shan’z Child Care that any information or records held regarding your family and child will be kept confidential.


The only release of information or records would be for a legal matter that is requested or required by law or during an emergency situation where first responders request specific information.

It is also appreciated that any information you become aware of regarding other families at the day home be kept confidential.