End of Care Policies


Trial Period Policy

In order to ensure all children’s happiness, children are subject to a 10 visit trial period.


This trial period is designed to allow the child, the parents and the staff of Shan’z Child Care to determine the overall suitability of the child care arrangements.

During the trial period the child care deposit is refundable except in cases of wilful destruction of Shan’z Child Care property, deliberate abuse of staff members or other children or repeated failures to follow Shan’z Child Care policies and procedures.

Cancellation Policy

Parents may cancel their child’s registration at any time by providing 28 calendar days’ notice in writing.

During this 28 day cancellation period, child care services provided will be paid for by applying the child care deposit to the invoices generated. Any deposit that is unused will be forfeited.

Should no child care services be provided during the cancellation period, the child care deposit will not be refunded.

Termination Policy

After the 10 visit trial period, when we determine that it is in the best interest of a child to terminate the child’s care, we will provide the parents with a written 28 day notice.

In the event that we need to terminate the child care relationship due to repeated contract or policy violations, including late payments or abusive/destructive behavior by any person, we reserve the legal right to terminate the child care relationship without notice. In these cases the child care deposit will not be refunded.

To avoid this situation from occurring, parents are required to read and sign all the applicable policies and the child care contract.


Parents are required to ask for a detailed explanation of any child care rules and policies they do not clearly understand prior to enrolling the child with us.